Meet Judy Lochner

Hi!  I’m Judy, owner of The Soap Pedlar. I made my first batch of soap in 2014, and it has turned into an addiction! That first batch was a basic combination of just three oils and it came out delightful. Hence I‘ve named my soaps Pure Delight!

My desire to actually attempt soapmaking came after listening to a talk about all of the synthetic and possibly toxic ingredients in our every-day environment. That presentation, put on by the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, MBCC, and the Silent Spring Institute, really stuck in my mind.  (And who hasn’t read Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring?)

I was at that presentation shortly after I had finished fighting cancer myself and I was trying to learn as much as I could about preventing a reoccurrence. It makes sense that what we put on our skin does pass through and get into our internal systems and organs. So why not reduce our exposure to those synthetic and unnatural ingredients?

Nature is full of beauty and it feels so good to use it on ourselves. Herbs and flowers offer wonderful aromas, colors and textures that can be used in soaps and other body products. My Pure Delight Plus soaps have a lot of those goodies in them!

I love setting up my booth at local fairs and festivals. It is so much fun meeting people and watching them ooh and aah over the smells or designs in the soaps. I work full-time in the environmental field, but I’ve found making soaps and my own business is so rewarding.  

I hope you try some of my soaps or other products and you enjoy using them as much as I enjoy making them!

Thank you... Judy Lochner

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Judy Lochner

Giving Back

I feel very fortunate to be where I am right now – I’m healthy and able to do something creative and useful. Making and selling soaps gives me the opportunity to give back and help others going through cancer treatment and help support prevention.

Besides donating 10% of soap sales to the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition to help support prevention programs, I am happy to donate soaps to the Pink Hippy organization. They are a local group that provides complementary holistic services and support to patients, survivors and their families. One of their services is providing Comfort Care Packages for women going through breast cancer treatment. The packages, containing comfort pillows, shawls, hats, the soaps, drainage pouches and knitted knockers, are available at local hospitals and cancer centers or by contacting the group: