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The Soap Pedlar handcrafts soaps using the traditional cold-process method of saponification which is the transformation of oils into soap.

The process involves combining vegetable oils with an alkali (sodium hydroxide aka lye) that has been mixed with a solvent (water or other liquid) to produce a salt (soap). During this process the oils are slightly heated while the sodium hydroxide/water solution naturally heats up. Once the desired temperatures are achieved, the oils and lye/liquid mixture are combined and stirred until the soap forms.

Additional ingredients such as essential oils or botanicals are mixed in at this point. The soap is then poured into a loaf mold and left to continue processing on its own for several days.  The soap is then removed from the mold and hand cut into individual bars.  It then takes 6 - 10 weeks for the soap to cure. During this period, the water evaporates and the soap hardens.

The Soap Pedlar business is based on the belief that only natural substances should be used on your skin and synthetic fragrances and dyes should be avoided. We do not use any chemical additives, preservatives, fragrances or dyes in our soaps. We do incorporate essential oils into some of our soaps. Essential oils are natural oils extracted from plants – they are the essence of the plant and do not contain any chemical substances.  

Cold Process Soap Making

Handcrafted in Spencer, Massachusetts

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