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Pure Delight Soap

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Pure Delight Plus

This base soap is created with all natural oils that feel good on your skin.  It contains the lathering quality of coconut oil combined with the moisturizing effects of olive . The result is a wonderful fluffy soap that is a pure delight to use!

Pure Delight Plus soaps are made with the Pure Delight formula plus additional all natural ingredients for extra softening, exfoliating and aromatic properties. Some soaps are made with essential oils that make them lightly scented.  No fragrance oils are used in any of the soaps.

Handcrafted in Spencer, Massachusetts

Eucalyptus & Mint

The aroma of the peppermint, eucalyptus and orange essential oils of this soap is fresh and uplifting.  A great soap to start off your day.

Pure Delight

Patchouli & Orange

The rich earthy aroma of the patchouli and orange essential oils warms the senses.

Shea Butter

Luxurious shea butter provides moisturizing effects and is also known for its healing qualities.  This is a pure unscented soap.

Cocoa Cafe

This delicious smelling soap is made with brewed coffee and cocoa butter with a scoop of ground coffee to provide an excellent exfoliant.


The familiar aroma of wintergreen and spearmint makes this a year-round favorite soap.

Mint  Garden

A sprinkle of peppermint and spearmint will make you feel like walking through an herb garden.

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Orange Breeze

Packed full of goodness - orange peel provides a gentle skin exfoliation.

Shea Butter with Lemon

Our luscious Shea Butter soap with a fun lemony twist.


A splash of lemongrass makes this summertime soap smell sweeter than fresh squeezed lemons.

Lemon, Ginger, Poppy Seed  A favorite exfoliating soap with a complimentary blend of lemon and ginger essential oils.


This is an herbal delight embedded with rosemary leaves for a truly invigorating soap.

Honey & Lemon

The pure honey known to attract moisture leaves skin feeling soft.  The lemon and lemongrass essential oils give this soap a light citrusy scent.

Strawberry SeeD

A creamy soap with lots of lather with the additional benefit of exfoliating strawberry seed.


Oatmeal & Honey

Finely ground oatmeal provides a mild exfoliating soap with the softening effects of honey.

Calendula & Grapefruit

A beautiful soap with calendula flower petals, which are known for skin healing properties, lightly scented with grapefruit essential oil.

Lavender Swirl

The delightful aroma of lavender soothes and calms the senses.

Creamy Carrot

A fun crinkle cut soap made with pureed carrots and coconut milk for a creamy lather.


Indigo Ombre

Multiple shades of blue indigo layers lightly scented with patchouli and orange essential oils.

Baby Buttermilk

An extra gentle soap with luxurious buttermilk for delicate or sensitive skin. Pureed carrots add a soft natural color.

Mint & Patchouli

The earthy aroma of patchouli essential oil mixes with the mint and orange essential oils for an energizing lift.

Cranberry Seed

Extra skin pampering oils are added to this soap with a sprinkle of exfoliating cranberry seeds.

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Cool Cucumber

Fresh cucumber juice, a delightful essential blend and luxurious castor and jojoba oils make this a true summertime soap.

Purple Rain

The romantic scent from a blend of ylang ylang, grapefruit and palmarosa will relax your mood and soothe your soul.



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A classic minty soap to wash away stress and leave you feeling energized.

Fir Needle

The scents from the fir needle essential oil with a touch of clove bud and cinnamon leaf is like a walk in the forest.







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